Obviously, latency is the most formidable enemy of video-over-IP technology.

But we are confident that the solution is not multiple air cards or more expensive equipment. Instead, the solution, as we have always maintained, is in the software.

To that end, we have released Uselabs Live v.3, a version of our streaming software that guarantees negligible latency levels.

Now, the photographer can select her/his transfer rate based on the available signal in the field and lock-in a shot with no latency. Although the quality of the image may fluctuate with varying transfer rates, your audio and video will stay in sync and streaming in real time.

Although this upgrade is a major step forward in a march toward parity with satellite transmission, we understand that we are limited by the capacity of cell towers. But we are confident that our latest upgrade leverages every bit of data that streams from your camera and back to the newsroom.

As you can see from the sample below, it is possible to eliminate latency and do a live stand up with talent in the field using Uselabs Live v3.


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