Last week’s trip to the National Association of Broadcasters annual conference, NAB 2010, proved four things to me about video over IP solutions:

1. Streaming video over IP is the future
2. Despite the recession, broadcasters are ready to buy new technology
3. The marketplace is full of overpriced, cumbersome solutions
4. Limited bandwidth is the only impediment to low latency streaming over IP

Streaming video over IP is the future

Although 3D providers were ‘Belles of the Ball’ this year, most visitors were looking for a streaming video over IP solution. The 3D technology attracted shoppers, but streaming over IP technology attracted buyers. And I am happy to report that buyers who were looking for broadcast quality video and low latency solutions were more interested in performance than price.

We were very pleased with how the features of Uselabs Live stacked up against other streaming products. On average, our technology costs about 1/10 of what our competitors charge for monthly license and usage fees.

Despite the recession

This year about 88,000 media professionals attended the show, up from about 82,000 last year. About 24,000 attendees traveled from 156 countries to be at NAB 2010.

It appeared that most of the attendees with whom we spoke were armed with more research and information than usual and asked lots of ‘buying’ questions and fewer ‘shopping’ questions. In other words, the attendees came to make buying decisions.

The Marketplace for streaming over IP solutions

Although the field of solution providers for streaming video over IP is growing, the average price for systems who stream broadcast quality video is still relatively high while the latency is at the mercy of network providers like Sprint, Verizon and AT&T.

We saw systems that cost as much as $60,000 for the encoding and decoding devices, plus about $2,500-$5,000 per month for multiple cellular service contracts.

With all streaming video over IP providers being at the mercy of networks, we believe that it makes more sense to get into the market with Uselabs Live at a lower price and expand usage with bandwidth.

Latency is the enemy

It is impossible to consistently predict the strength of upstream bandwidth. In fact, we have seen some of the best performance in small and medium size markets.

The secret to limiting latency is training photographers to monitor their signal strength and tweaking their encoder settings to optimize performance.

We announced our new iPod Touch and iPhone hand controller at NAB 2010, which makes it easier to monitor signal strength and optimize network performance. With this new feature and dramatically lower prices, we were happy to see that Uselabs Live was the best live video streaming solutions at NAB 2010.

Uselabs Live was superior on price, performance and usability:


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