Below is an example of how ‘latency issues’, were overcome by a nimble producer, anchor, reporter and photographer. Instead of giving up on the live shot, the producer timed the toss to account for latency.

Latency and broadcast quality footage have been ‘knocks’ on video-over-IP for use with live, breaking news coverage. Advances in technology are quickly overcoming these issues.

The quality of streaming video over IP has already reached broadcast quality, particularly for breaking news, where viewers are willing to trade image quality for immediacy.

Latency will decrease as networks are upgraded from 3G to 4G and beyond. Also, users will learn to adjust settings in the field to account for fluctuating network speeds and encoder and decoder processor speeds.

Like all new technology, streaming video-over-IP will benefit nimble early adopters and cost more time, money and resources to those who choose to play catch up later.


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