Title: Dive In

My 6:00 a.m. Freshmen swim class in the depths of a Wisconsin winter taught me two very valuable lessons:

1. Dive in and the frigid water’s initial shock is brief.
2. If you wade into cold water the shock is long and torturous.

And so it is for broadcast, online and print journalism’s march to streaming video over IP from the field. Those who dive in and embrace new technology will evolve quickly and beat the competition. Those who wait will have a long torturous trek to catch up with their competitors.

Here’s how:

News breaks. Station 1 has an IP-based streaming solution, so they dispatch a photographer immediately. There is one point of failure: the photographer. Station 1 is on the scene immediately, broadcasting live, capturing and holding viewers.

News breaks. Station 2 takes extra time to scramble talent, a photographer and a live truck. There are three points of failure: the photographer, the talent and a truck. They inevitable arrive after Station 1 and could potentially be ‘roped off’ by police tape, outside of the perimeter without a shot.

Why take a chance with breaking news?

Why not dispatch the solo, mobile photographer with an IP-based streaming solution, like Station 1 and send a team, like Station 2, later?

IP-based streaming solutions are not designed to completely replace talent and live trucks completely, but they are nimble enough to beat your competition to the scene and start broadcasting first.

And, in the end, isn’t that what makes news?


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